The "I Want To Help You Mess Shit Up" Option

from another cultural landslide

At the request from our friends who wanted to find SOME way to SUPPORT our music-making & our insane way of thinking, we've created:

- a limited edition CD;

- a limited edition poster;

- and also, a simple donation option for those who want to support us but don't need more clutter in their lives... or for those who want to support us but don't want big, ominous, disapproving kitty-heads staring at them constantly, 'cause that could give you some kind of a complex. (We know about this first-hand.)

This is that third option.

And the most direct option.

If you'd don't want either the CD or the Poster, but you'd STILL like to help us subvert & destroy... ummm... errr, thrust our music upon an innocent & unsuspecting public - then yes, we will GRATEFULLY accept your help.

The $.50 amount is the lowest amount Bandcamp will allow us post under the "merch" window - but this is really a "give what you'd like" box.

And since we're on a wild crusade to keep things personal between You & acl, we'd STILL like to send you a handwritten thank you note (our mothers trained us to be polite while causing trouble) - but we'll leave that part up to you. ;)

And if you have a special request, just write to us in the comments - and we will get back to you VERY quickly.

thank you... really.

k&w ;)

p.s. mzkitty sez hi - and thank you, too. ;)

ships out within 4 days
Purchasable with gift card

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another cultural landslide

we're here

we're weird

get used to it

k&w ;)

p.s. mzkitty sez hi

p.p.s. still alive, but still on medical hiatus
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