when it's gone

sunlight breaks on the horizon
found the letter by the door
the time is here, it is upon us
then no more

silence comes, it's not a stranger
there are no words, nothing to say
nothing said would even matter
not today

just don't think about tomorrow
what we don't have we can borrow
we won't think about this sorrow
when it's gone

raise your head, it's time to go now
don't look back, just close the door
you won't miss what you won't have now
when it's gone


from put up or shut up. (a sneak preview EP), track released October 20, 2011




another cultural landslide Mexico Beach

who are we?

we're just two goobers who live in the middle of nowhere & make music...

who've been at it for over eleven years...

who believe that music can change the world...

who are just crazy enough to keep trying to do exactly that...

and whose manager is a cat.

we're kirk & wendy.

or wendy & kirk.

we're weird.

we're here.

get used to it.

that's who we are.
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