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The nail that sticks out gets hammered down. (Japanese proverb.) Another song we've wanted to do for a long time.


standing nail

don't stand up
don't stand out
a standing nail gets hammered

don't look in
just look out
a standing nail get hammered

don't make waves
they all crash down
you might just drown

just fit in
don't stand out
a standing nail get hammered

don't stand out
just fit in


from put up or shut up. (a sneak preview EP), track released October 20, 2011




another cultural landslide Mexico Beach

who are we?

we're just two goobers who live in the middle of nowhere & make music...

who've been at it for over eleven years...

who believe that music can change the world...

who are just crazy enough to keep trying to do exactly that...

and whose manager is a cat.

we're kirk & wendy.

or wendy & kirk.

we're weird.

we're here.

get used to it.

that's who we are.
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