just remember i'm santa claus (2015 r3 mix)

from by another cultural landslide

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First released in 2009, we blasted this track out over a couple days - and the original version sure as hell sounded that way...

... but when we removed the original version from circulation, we got yelled at - a lot - so we put that version back up...

But now THIS version marks the very first release from our "2015 Remix/Remaster/Re-do" back-catalogue effort (more on that soon)...

... and this Remix/Remaster/Re-do should give you a sneak preview of what we have in mind.

And yeah - we know it's not 2015 yet.

What the hell.

It's a Christmas Song.

Well... it's an acl Christmas Song.

Whatever that means.

Anyway, lots more surprises soon...

thank you for listening

k&w ;)

p.s. This really is a true story.

p.p.s. mzkitty sez hi


from last days last days, track released December 23, 2014
track credits:

kirk & wendy: just being kirk & wendy




another cultural landslide Mexico Beach

who are we?

we're just two goobers who live in the middle of nowhere & make music...

who've been at it for over eleven years...

who believe that music can change the world...

who are just crazy enough to keep trying to do exactly that...

and whose manager is a cat.

we're kirk & wendy.

or wendy & kirk.

we're weird.

we're here.

get used to it.

that's who we are.
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